SAVUSAMPO Cold Smoke Former

SAVUSAMPO a cold smoke generator operating with voltage of 12 V. It is a prefabricated device made by stainless steel, which produces smoke by a special resistor of 30W. Power source is a 3A AC adapter or a 3-6 A battery charger, a car accumulator, solar panel accumulator etc.
You can cold smoke almost in any box, where you can store smoke. For instance in a fridge, which is best of all, or in a wooden box, a fireplace, a baking oven, a barrel or a hot smoker. When you travel, you can smoke in a cardboard box by an accumulator of a car or a boat.

SAVUSAMPO is easy to use and careless, because you do not need to control it continuously. You can leave the smoker alone for few hours during the process.
Put on the resistor (12V/30W) a 1-2 cm thick, 5-7 diameter wooden disc, which is proper for smoking for instance grey alder, apple tree, cherry-tree, oak, beech etc.
A wooden disc produces pure smold smoke and flavouring about 2 hours. When the wooden disc has been burned out, you will change a new disc.
For instance 10 fish fillets of 0,5 kg will be smoked very delicious in about 10 hours, when you use 4-5 wooden discs.

You can also successfully smoke meat, but it takes a lot of time.
The smoker is suitable for professional use for example fish farmers and fish refiners, caterings and restaurants.

Operating instructions for Savusampo, Cold Smoke Former.

Connect a contact plug of a loose cable (12V) to an AC adapter. Do it in room temperature. Tighten cap. Now the connection is water resistant. Next, connect two flat cables to the resistor (Don’t mind the polarity) and protect the connections with dielectric caps. Now you can connect the device to an electric network. In order to remove machine grease, run the device outside with one wooden disc in order to prevent flavour loss during the first smoking.

In order to have smoke formation, use 5-7cm diameter 1,5-2 cm thick grey alder or other wooden discs. A wooden disc will produce pure smold and flavouring about 1-2 hours. Change the disc at least after two hours. Glowing will also produce smoke flavour. Hard wood like apple tree will burn slow. You can drill a 5 mm hole in a disc in order to get better smoke formation.

Do not hang fish pieces just over the cold smoke former!

Through burned disc might cause a warm air flow, which might soft the fish.
The heat in a smoking box is not allow to rise over 30 degrees celcius.
The smoking box (oven) can be any box 50 -200 litre capacity, where you can store smoke. For instance a fridge in order is popular.
Remember always fire safety.

If your smoking box is made by burned material, put the smoke former to the unburned platform on bottom of the smoking box. Smoking box should be air-conditioned. Heat and humidity have to get out from upper part of the smoking box. In a metal smoking box you can put the smoke former to upper part of the box, because metal as well conducted discharges heat out effectively. Smoke heavier than air will fall down filling your smoking box. A necessity of air-conditioning will decrease.

Watch the temperature inside.
A good accessory is a digital thermometer during cold smoke formation.

Basic Instructions for Cold Smoking Fish

Use only fresh fish or fish that was frozen immediately after catching.
Make fresh fish filets. If you smoke fish by hanging it, leave an arrowbone of a hip left, so you can hang also a big file. Brine the fish with 50g sea salt and 20 g sugar/kg or find the taste that best suits your taste. Remove fish from brine and dry with paper towel or scrape by knife-blade to get more beautiful surface.

Cold smoke about 6-16 hours. Use your favourite wood discs or chunks when cold smoking and experiment to find the taste that best suits your taste. Oak, Alder, Apple and Cherry or combinations of these work well. Be sure not to let heat grow over 32 °C, in any case, in order to prevent softening fish.

If you smoke in the fridge in order, set the thermostat at a colder temperature setting after smoking and leave fish there to the next day. In another case wrap tightly filets in greaseproof paper and place the greaseproof paper parcel in a fridge for next day. After that you can enjoy the cold smoked fish, or you can freeze the filets, when the taste will be even better. Freezing will preserve the cold smoked fish for over half a year.

Cold Smoking Meat
Use dark meat like beef, reindeer meat, venison, horse flesh etc. Meat has to be hung and low membraneous, because the tenderness does not increase hardly at all during the process.
Cut the meat into 3 cm thick strips. Brine the meat with 50g salt/kg about 8 hours. Cold smoke about 12-20 hours or time that best suits your taste. After 3-4 days delicious cold meats are ready.
When you cold smoke meat the temperature can even be over 50°.

SAVUSAMPO Cold smoking delicacy

Cold smoking steaks

Divide tender meat into suitable steaks. Cold smoke the steaks about 1-2 hours. Fry as usual. Smoke flavoured steaks are very delicious. Offer with pickles. Hmmmm…. And yum!

Cold smoked vendace in a marinade
Clean and trim the fish properly. Brine about. 2 hours. Cold smoke 2-4 hours depending on the size of the fish. Cut the fish into pieces of 0,5 cm and put them into glass jar with onion rings. Add more spices to taste. Cover fish pieces with turnip rape oil. Press the air bubble away and close the top. Marinate couple of days. Cold smoked vendace are delicious as such indeed.

Éclairs or croissants (crescent) filling
Cut 2 boiled eggs into cubes. Cut 100 g cold smoked fish into cubes of same size. Mix cubes of eggs and fish with cleaved dill and 1 dl soured cream carefully. Enjoy your meal. Bon appetit!

The best during the fishing trip
Catch the salmon about 1-3 kilos. Clean and trim the fish properly and cut the filet diagonally into chips of size of forehand thick of 0,5 cm. Brine the fish with pulverised sea salt to your taste and cold smoke the chips about 1-2 hours. And now taste with bread. You taste smoke flavour, although the flavour will vanish during couple of hours. It is worth of tasting, if you risk to eat raw fish.

Cold smoked fish casserole
Fish filets can be cold smoke whole with fins and fish oil; they give taste to casserole and soup.
1 kg potatoe chips, 2 big onions, 300 g cold smoked fish, 5 dl heavy cream
Be carefull of salting, because fish was salted already. Add black pepper and white pepper to taste. Cover the casserole with grated cheese. Make same way as potato bake with anchovy.

Cold smoked fish soup
Cook the fish head and guts in water and strain the stock. Let boil 10 minutes. Take guts away and strain the stock. Add the chunks of potatoes into the boiling stock.
1 l stock, 05,kg potatoes, salt., Add chopped onions, dill and pepper, at the end of boiling to taste. Take eatable parts off the guts and chop 200-300 g cold smoked fish. Fish will be added. When potatoes are well done. Add at the end 100 g sour cream or creme fraiche by blending carefully. Let simmer 10 minutes. Offer with rye bread.

Cold smoked roe
You can smoke roe on the baking paper. On shelves or racks. Spread on the baking paper thin layer salted roe. Cold smoke as usual 6-10 hours to taste. Peel the roe into pots to flavour couple of hours and after that it is ready



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